Oiled Wood Floors

While traditional polyurethane finishes coating on top of the wood, oil finishes penetrate the timber, seeping coating and in every layer of the wood. This seems like it would make the wood less durable, right?

On the opposite! Oil finishes create your timber stronger and continue to improve the strength and durability over time.

Using an oil finish provides the wood that flatter, matte finish that is superb in these days. It looks natural and organic -- just what homeowners are looking for at 2019!

To refinish a normal hardwood flooring you have to first sand, then refinish. It is a Small Procedure. However, with oiled timber, to refinish, you simply add oil.

The disadvantage to an oil finish is that it can exacerbate some of the struggles of wood flooring, making it more susceptible to water damage and scratches. While refinishing is easier than traditional finishes, you may end up refinishing more often and spending more time keeping your flooring.

Will the oiled wood fad last in 2020 and beyond?

I believe so! It's still fairly new, but as matte finish increases in popularity, I thought oil finishes will, as well.